Tournament Testimonials

Below are some testimonials shared by those who experienced the Little People Golf Tournament. If you have a testimonial you would like to share with us please send us an email. Our contact information is on the Contact Us page.

I had such a great time playing in your LPA golf tournament with Gary Schollenberger, his lovely wife Linda and Bob Kline. They are the finest people I know, and from what I found out, so is everyone involved in running this tournament. The tournament is very well run and I have already begged them to invite me to play next year.
Wayne Seiger

I was finally able to make it this year, be a corporate sponsor and help with some give aways! It was great and everyone in our two foursomes had a great day! They all said it was very well run, great price for the event and the food was excellent! It was well worth the 1.5 hour drive. We will be back next year! Because as you know I need to give someone else the chance to win the plastic golf set and prove that I can actually I really liked how you packaged together the raffles, mulligans and special give aways - you just couldn't resist putting down $25 for the whole thing. Thank you again for making the event so much fun - Kelly had a great time too and hopefully we'll see many of you at camp in a few weeks!
Kim Graffin

This is the 15th Annual and I haven't missed one yet and don't plan on missing any in the future as long as Ken and Wilmer keep doing such a great job for a great cause.
Mal Reid

This is one of our favorite Golf Tournaments. Everyone is always friendly and it is very well organized. Keep up the good job.
Ken Mohn

I, and my foursome, have been supporting this great golf event since its inception. Ken Ritter and Wilmer Hurst continue to do an extra ordinary job of organization to run a smooth, relaxing and enjoyable tournament. There is no better way to have fun and support such a great organization as the PA Dutch Chapter-LPA. And to top it off, there is great food and lots of prizes. Congratulations, Ken and Wilmer, and to all the Little People, who make this event top notch for everyone.
Mal Reid

Every time I step on to the golf course I want to drive a golf ball over 200 yards. My longest drive has been approximately 175 yards. I see average height people crushing the ball a distance I can only dream about. This fact frustrated me when I was younger, but with age has come wisdom and I have accepted my limitations. Growing up I was blessed with wonderful parents and a supporting family. Imagine everyday tasks taking twice the amount of time to complete. As a short statured person that is part of my life. LPA is a great organization supporting short statured people and giving them an extended family where they feel welcome as society is not always warm to those of us who are shorter. I ask you to please consider playing or sponsoring this tournament. We all have a great time playing golf, but there is a greater cause being supported.
Kurt McEllhenney